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We look forward to meeting you.

Crawl-Ins welcome.


151 N Ridge Rd, Suite #5
Phone: 316-744-2001
Fax: 316-744-1847

Monday & Wednesday
8:30AM - 5:30PM


Tuesday & Thursday

8:30AM - 1PM


  • We have a new address! Our physical location HAS NOT CHANGED. However, due to a new business opening next door, our address is being reassigned. See above for the new address. 

  • We are currently accepting new patients!

    • However, we cannot take new patients 1 hour or less before closing time.

  • After 4:45, we cannot take walk-in patients.


Dr. Pirner BA, DC, DABCI


Dr. Pirner has been in practice for over 30 years. She does not use the same old pop that other chiropractors use; instead, she uses a gentle technique with adjusting instruments to get the same results. She is a mother, grandmother and a caring individual. Dr. Pirner’s practice is very family oriented. She has treated many generations through her 33 years of practice and she is an old timer that loves to treat any age. Her goal with every person she treats is to have them feeling better when the table comes up. What people like most is that Dr. Pirner informs and educates them to become more aware of their joints and muscles. Crawl-ins are always welcome in her office! Let your body tell you how often you need to visit Dr. Pirner. 

Any day above ground is a good day! 


We understand that this time of Covid has been scary for everyone, so we have taken every precaution we are able to, including installing the new Reme Halo. 

The Reme Halo is an advanced system that wipes out 99% of viruses and pollutants not only in the air, but also on surfaces, as soon as they present themselves. So rest assured, we've got your back, in more ways than one!

Gentle technique

Our gentle technique is supplied by hand and varies in velocity, amplitude, frequency and body location. It is a high velocity, low amplitude thrust. The thrusts from the impulse instrument are tailored 

specifically to your body. 

The purpose of this technique is to correct alignment, motion and function of the joints and muscles. Dr. Pirner uses this technique to provide a gentle and precise adjustment to relieve pain and restore function in the body. 

Dr. Pirner is very gentle and her treatments are relaxing! At Ark Valley Chiropractic we are here to serve our patients. 

"Why use a bazooka when a BB gun can get it done?"

                              -Dr. Pirner 

Thompson drop piece table

The Thompson drop piece table is unique in many ways as it adjusts to specific body types. With this table you start by standing up with it and lean into it as it lays you down so Dr. Pirner can get you in the most comfortable position while treating you.

This table is made to help with posture, performance, relaxation and can tolerate a lot of stress. It is able to help with all your aches and pains! Overall, this table is made for the comfort of our patients. Dr. Pirner will make sure you are very comfortable on it as she treats you, no matter what age you are or what condition you may be in. 

Dr. Pirner's goal is to have you feeling better when the table is raised up! 

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151 N Ridge Rd, Suite 5

Wichita, KS 67212 

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